Our products

SARVAL Petfood offers a wide assortment of animal by-products suitable for petfood. Below you will find a selection of our offer.

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rund1 rund2 rund3 rund4 rund5

Beef lips

Beef pizzle

Beef udders

Beef hearts

Veal lungs



varken1 varken2 varken3 varken4 varken5

Pork ear

Pork spleen

Pork kidney

Pork trachea

Sow heart




gevogelte1 gevogelte2 gevogelte3 gevogelte4 gevogelte5

Duck necks

Turkey liver

Chicken gizzard

Chicken heart

Chicken skin



Sheep / Goat

schaap1 schaap2 schaap3 schaap4 schaap5

Lamb pluck

Lamb lungs

Goat lung trachea

Lamb tripes

Lams trachea




wild1 wild2 wild3 wild4 wild5

Hare carcass

Deer trimmings

Kangaroo MDM

Rabbit kidney

Ostrich trimming